Online Counselling

How Online Counselling works:
Online Counselling is becoming an increasingly popular form of therapy. It can be as effective as face-to-face therapy with huge therapeutic benefits gained. It may be carried out through E-mail, Instant Messaging (Chat) or Webcam.
As with face to face counselling, clients may wish to have a number of sessions leading on from each other or they may have just one to try it out and give it a go.
Again, as with face to face counselling, online counselling may provide someone with the support they need at certain times in their life – perhaps when they are going through a difficult time and need to talk to someone, or perhaps they would like to explore and work through a difficult decision that has come up for them.
Online therapy allows you the flexibility of having sessions at a time and place to suit your needs. It is particularly helpful for those who might be housebound, who may feel anxious about face to face appointments or are simply too busy to attend face to face sessions
It can also be a great way into therapy to see if it suits you and would help you in your situation.

The types of Online Therapy available are:

Instant Messageskype therapyWe talk using Instant messaging using Skype messaging service, typing messages back and forth throughout the 50 min session. You will have my full undivided attention as with a face to face session.


BN-WG261_3hWes_OR_20171121091427Skype Video Call – We will be using skype, although we will not be in the same physical space, skype is the most similar method to a face to face session as we can both see and hear each other at the same time.


email therapyEmail – The client sends an email sharing whatever they need to and I will then send a comprehensive reply within 48 hours, normally much sooner. Emails can be daily, weekly or sent as required.


telephone therapyTalk only – Some clients prefer to talk over the telephone rather than face to face. Some clients like to use this option before starting face to face sessions.
All appointments can be made on a regular weekly basis or as required.

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